A year and a half ago, I was on welfare. Now my life is headed in a great direction!

- Career Collaborative client

Success Stories

We help clients build good lives for themselves and their children.

When we met Marie, she lived in one room with her six month-old daughter, Chanté; she felt overwhelmed by debts. Marie wanted to be a bank teller, but had only worked as a waitress. We helped her get the job she wanted and she is succeeding! Marie has won the prize for best teller for the past six months. She and Chanté now have their own apartment, and she is paying off her debts. In Marie’s words: “I learned from Career Collaborative that nothing is impossible. I always believed it, but because of Career Collaborative, now I get to have everything I’ve dreamed of.”

eltonbigElton is a 58-year-old ex-offender who is determined to build a good life for himself and his family and to help others who have difficult lives. We helped him get a full-time, permanent job as an Overnight Counselor at Pine St Inn by coaching him on how to discuss his history with potential employers. We support him as he demonstrates his stability and responsible attitude to his supervisors. He has been working there since May 2008 and got a merit raise this past June despite a general wage freeze. He is proud of his sobriety, of giving up cigarettes, and of his daughter Danielle, who is attending Clark University in Atlanta.

We help clients overcome obstacles.

williambigWhen William came to us in 2005, he was desperate, he couldn’t get or keep a good job. We helped him get a job as a Line Cook at the Radisson Hotel Boston. William has faced challenges most of us cannot imagine: two of his children are deceased, he recently lost a grandchild, and another son is in prison for life. Despite these tragedies, William has succeeded in his job for the past four years. He has received three raises and was promoted in 2007 to staff meal preparation. William likes his job and plans to stay there. He is taking care of his younger children and he is buying a condominium.

We help clients make extraordinary career progress.

doreenbigDoreen, tried for years to support her children with temporary work and government assistance. Career Collaborative not only helped Doreen find a good job, we helped her achieve professional fulfillment and permanent economic self-sufficiency. She said: “Career Collaborative has helped me realize the difference between a job and a career, and they continue to support me even when I’m frustrated. With their help, I revamped my attitude and started behaving like a career-oriented professional and things began to change. Career Collaborative allows me not to give up; with their support, I was able to find and keep a job, and most importantly, grow in my career.”

gercidebigGercide lived in a homeless shelter with three children under the age of six when we met her.  She says: “Career Collaborative’s  real help came when I was ready for my second job.  Karen wouldn’t let me give up and she coached me about what to say in interviews.  The staff and Susan worked with me on my resume – for 8 hours – until we got it right.  I got a job as a mortgage foreclosure specialist and moved my family to a really nice apartment.  It gives me great satisfaction that I can now help other families keep their homes.”

And they become role models for others.

ruthbig“With the help of Career Collaborative, miracles do come true! I grew up on welfare and had battled personal demons. I had never been able to keep a stable job, but I was ready to turn my life around.  Career Collaborative helped me get my first real job as a pharmacy technician and then helped me when I had trouble adjusting to workplace culture.  Now, I give back to other people in need. I am a resource specialist at the Elizabeth Stone House, where I help women who are victims of domestic violence, and I also volunteer to help women fight substance abuse.” — Ruthy

sasquirebigSasquiare has three children under the age of 10. A Haitian immigrant, Sasquiare came to Career Collaborative in 2001. Initially we helped secure her a job as a hostess at the Doubletree Hotel. In October 2001 business was down and Sasquiare’s hours were cut. After she left the Doubletree, we supported her in getting a social service job. Sasquiare is a hard worker. She works full-time as a Family Advocate at Somerville Head Start, where she has received two raises. She also has a part-time job as a Case Manager at the Walnut Street School. She has been continuously employed for eight years. “At my current job I refer some parents to Career Collaborative. I know working with the staff can totally change their lives as I know they made a difference in my life.”