With their support, I was able to find and keep a job and grow in my career.

- Career Collaborative alumna

Job Search

Career Collaborative offers clients the services and support they need for a successful job search. Clients work closely with staff, who guide and mentor them through the process.

Job-Search/Job-Readiness Course

All clients participate in a highly interactive four-week job-search/job-readiness course. They learn basic job-search skills and about workplace culture while developing relationships with each other and the Career Collaborative staff. Among the topics we focus on are:

• Setting specific, challenging, and reachable goals

• Developing networking skills

• Understanding employer expectations

As part of the course, each client does 20 practice interviews with staff and volunteers so they are well-prepared when they interview for real jobs. Our volunteers, professionals from area businesses, provide clients with real-world experience and immediate, individual feedback that helps them hone their interview skills and stories.

Job Club

When the job-search/job-readiness course ends, Job Club helps clients stay motivated, active, and supported while looking for work. During this structured program, clients meet daily to report on their job-search progress, complete topic-based assignments, and work on job-search tasks with staff and volunteers on hand to assist. Job Club also provides a natural networking opportunity where clients help and learn from each other.

Individual Job-Search Assistance

Throughout the program, Career Collaborative provides individual job-search coaching to clients, helping them identify target job areas, assisting them in the job application process, and coaching them after job interviews.

Career Collaborative taught me how to conduct myself, how to dress, greet people and how to sit properly in an interview. I also learned what to say and what not to say, questions to ask and those to refrain from in an interview. Most people consider these things the norm, but the norm for one person is an education for another.

– Antoinette, Career Collaborative client

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