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August 2016


CONGRATULATIONS to our August 2016 workshop graduates! As of last Friday, these participants completed four weeks of job readiness training and 20 practice interviews and are on the way to finding successful careers.

Over the course of the 2015-2016 academic year, our work at Career Collaborative has been supported by some outstanding interns from all over the world. The success of our participants and program would not be possible without their contributions.

Please join us in saying THANK YOU to (clockwise from top left): Pearl, Tiffany, Bryce, Yingshi, Lillie, Nabila, Meredith, Robyn, Megan, Ameer, Jake and Ben. (Also, not pictured: Mishka and Meghan).

CONGRATULATIONS to Titi, who came in last week to #RingTheBell and share the good news of her new full-time position as a Food Service Worker with Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center.

Our Friday practice interviews are one of the most valuable experiences for our workshop participants, and they would not be possible without our volunteers.

Today we’d like to specially recognize the volunteer interviewers from Pearson North America (pictured here with some of our participants), who provided their time and insight in interviews last Friday. Thank you all!

July 2016


Rosa always exhibits exceptional regard for her customers at The Village Bank. In addition, while on a promotion track during the past year, she stayed in frequent contact with her Career Coach and demonstrated perseverance, patience and a strong work ethic on the job. As a result, she was recently promoted to Teller Supervisor with a pay raise!

“I am happy because here, it’s my #2 family. I am happy to work; I am happy for this school.”

CONGRATULATIONS to Silvana, who came in last week to #RingTheBell and celebrate being hired as a full-time Housekeeper at Four Seasons Hotel Boston! Silvana graduated the May 2016 workshop and started her new position today. Wish her luck!

We are so proud of Bokhann, who just last week came into our office to #RingTheBell and celebrate his 2-year anniversary at his job and graduation from our program!

Bokhann has worked as a Clinical Assistant at the Lynn Community Health Center since June 2014. He said he is grateful for the help that Career Collaborative has provided and appreciates that the career coaching he received always made him want to do better.

June 2016


CONGRATULATIONS to our June 2016 workshop graduates, who officially completed 20 practice interviews and the Job-Search course on last Friday!

CONGRATULATIONS to Luis, a graduate of our May workshop! He started a great full-time job last week as a Service Specialist/Facilities Assistant with DTI. Luis impressed one of our volunteers from DTI during one of his 20 practice interviews and was then invited to a real interview for this position.

THANK YOU to our volunteer practice interviewers, like the folks pictured here from the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston. They donated their time and advice to our workshop participants last Friday. Without volunteers like them, our program would not be possible!

“Career Collaborative has contributed a change in my life, and it’s a change that I needed. Coming here is one of the greatest choices I’ve made.”

Sharla entered our program in June 2015 and began working as an Office Assistant for Exposure Lighting one month later. She regularly stays in touch with her Career Coach and supporting team here and is now coming up on her one year anniversary with the company. We’re proud of you, Sharla!

May 2016


“Believe in yourself. Don’t give up, follow your dreams. Forget all the reasons it won’t work, and remember the one reason it will.”

Let’s wish Vanessa a deserved CONGRATULATIONS! She came in to #RingTheBell on Tuesday and share the good news of her full-time position with The Community Builders as an Asset Management Assistant.

Why are these participants smiling? They just spent an evening figuring out how to budget, check their credit reports and plan to meet their financial goals as part our Money Matters evening workshop series!

Wish a warm congratulations and best of luck to our May 2016 workshop graduates, who completed the Job-Search Course and their 20th practice interviews last Friday. They’re well on their way to achieving great full-time employment!

“I was wonderfully surprised to see that the work that people are doing here actually makes a huge difference. We’re not just sitting here putting in paperwork that we feel we have to; it works. The workshop works.”

CONGRATULATIONS to Olga, who came to #RingTheBell and celebrate her new full-time position as an AIS Custody Specialist, Associate I with State Street Corporation. Check out her full speech:

Wish a hearty congratulations to Li, who came in to#RingTheBell and share her success story with our newest set of workshop graduates. Li has started a new full-time job as Accountant III with the Executive Office of Public Safety and Security for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.


Meet the graduates of the April 2016 workshop! These folks successfully completed their 20th practice interview and are officially moving full-speed ahead toward attaining a great full-time position. Well done, everyone!

April 2016

Job Placements

Congratulations to Chimica, who got a full-time job as a Patient Experience Representative with Boston Children’s Hospital! She came in to #RingTheBelllast week and shared some wonderful advice with our current workshop class.

“I’ve finally learned to celebrate the small things. They told me all the time, celebrate the small things and stay focused on the job…and now I got the job I want.”

CONGRATULATIONS to Johnson, who came in to #RingTheBell and share this good news with us! He got a full-time job as an Elementary K-5 Paraprofessional with Shore Educational Collaborative.

Bayat, came in to ‪#‎RingTheBell‬ last week and share her success at her new full-time position as a Food Preparer with Gate Gourmet. Bayat had this to share:

“I want to thank everyone at Career Collaborative today. I have found a job at the airport. I want to thank everyone who helped me build my resume – all the workers, including the classmates, were good to me. Everyone was nice and I had fun!”

“If I have one piece of advice for this class, it’s this: don’t give up. Never, ever, ever give up.”

CONGRATULATIONS to Nicole, who came in to ‪#‎RingTheBell‬ and celebrate her new full-time job as an Intensive Care Coordinator with Children’s Services of Roxbury! Nicole worked hard in class, leveraged her experience, and did a great job of staying in touch with us and continuing applications after the workshop ended, leading her to exactly the job she wanted.

A well-deserved CONGRATULATIONS to Michelle, who came in to ‪#‎RingTheBell‬ and celebrate her new full-time position as a Bus Monitor with First Call Transportation!

Many of you may recognize Michelle from the resource room; she regularly came in and put in applications and consulted with staff, working hard to find a good full-time job. We commend her on her perseverance!


CONGRATULATIONS to our March 2016 workshop graduates, who officially completed 20 practice interviews and the Job-Search course on April 1st!

March 2016

Job Placements

Congratulations to Carolyn, who came in yesterday to #RingTheBell and share her news of a full-time job as an Administrative Assistant with The Community Builders!

“It’s been a journey. I just wanted to say that I could not have done it without the staff here, plain and simple. It’s hard work and they are here to support you in every way. They provide the tools for you, and it works – but you have to work.”

“When I came in this organization, I was just thinking to start any job because I am new to this country…that because [I’m new to] the U.S., my old experiences and Bachelor’s degree would not work anymore. But they told me I can do whatever I want, and so I got my target job, with full-time and full benefits.

This is my second home. Thank you for making my life so much easier.”

We are so proud of Yemisrach, who graduated from our February workshop and started a full-time job this week with DTI Global. She impressed in her practice interviews and ended up making a great connection with a great employer. #RingTheBell

Meet Daikersu, a graduate of our December 2013 workshop. He worked hard, put in applications and ended up with a great full-time position as a General Service Associate with Boston Medical Center. Since starting, Daikersu has been promoted and continues to build toward his career and financial goals by staying in touch with his career coach Carol.
You could have great success like Daikersu – and we can help! Attend our next information session tomorrow at 1pm and learn how we can help you gain full-time employment and start building your career.

Meet Sally, who spent Leap Day with us to share the leaps and bounds she is making in her career!

She came in to ‪#‎RingTheBell‬ last Monday and celebrate her new job as a Cook with Sodexo USA at Curry College, sharing some goodwill and advice with our most recent set of workshop graduates. CONGRATULATIONS, Sally!

“When you go to your interviews, don’t be scared. Show them the passion for what you’re doing, and when they see the passion in you, you will get that job.”

CONGRATULATIONS to Juliet! She came in last Friday to ‪#‎RingTheBell ‬and celebrate her new job as a Patient Care Assistant with Brigham and Women’s Hospital.

February 2016

Job Placements

“I just want to let you guys know that are currently here: do not give up. I know how hard things must be…but trust me, you’re sitting on a winning lottery ticket. Listen to the staff members – they know what they’re doing.”

Congratulations to Nickolas, who came in to ‪#‎RingTheBell‬ yesterday and celebrate his new dream job as a Residential Teacher Assistant at the May Institute! He spoke to the class about his journey to change fields and start a career supporting individuals with special needs.

“The opportunity to enter the financial world has always been my dream in the U.S…Keep your mind focused on what you want and believe at the right time, it will definitely come. Take this place as a family, it’s a wonderful family to have. I appreciate every one of you. Even the ones that have left, our interns, they are wonderful people. I don’t have family in the U.S., [but] having Career Collaborative, I think I am satisfied and am very happy.”
A huge congratulations to Victor, who came in to ‪#‎RingTheBell‬ yesterday and celebrate his new job as a Risk and Reporting Specialist Associate with State Street Corporation. Watch his full speech here

“My school suggested to come here because they heard how great it was, and I’m honestly grateful that they sent me. When I came here they treated me so well and taught me so much. It worked out great, because I literally got complimented on how well I presented myself, and that’s what really matters. Half the battle is: what can you actually offer the employer?”

Congratulations to Daniel, who came in on Monday to celebrate his 2-year graduation from Career Collaborative. Daniel currently works as a Medical Secretary with Atrius Health and is a new Career Collaborative ambassador!

Congratulations to Genet, who came in to ring the bell last Friday and celebrate her new full-time position as a General Service Associate at Boston Medical Center!

“The employers know this organization is a good organization, and it will help you.”

A huge congratulations to Birhanu, who graduated from our Job-Search workshop in December and will start a full-time position as a Functional Specialist Associate with State Street Corporation later this month. He came in to ring the bell yesterday and share strong advice with our new class of participants.


Last Friday, our February 2016 workshop participants completed their final round of practice interviews before their graduation ceremony. Now they’re fully prepared for the job search, with some already having secured multiple interviews and even job offers!

January 2016

Job Placements

Today we’d like to celebrate another program graduate, Yvrose! Yvrose is about to complete two years of continuous employment with Boston Medical Center as a Certified Nursing Assistant and came in yesterday afternoon to ring the bell and share her success story.

A hearty congratulations to Abdelmoula, who came in to ring the bell last Friday and celebrate his new job as a Cook at Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital. He’s just finished his third month on the job and loves that he gets to learn new things every day.

Happy Career Collaborative program graduation to Antoine! He just celebrated his two-year work anniversary as a General Cleaner with Keolis North America, and he says that he loves his job and the growth opportunities that come with it. Well done, Antoine!

“You’ve got to stay focused…if you stay focused, this is a good program and it will help you.”

Congratulations to Sophia, who came in to ring the bell earlier this week and celebrate her new full-time position with Aramark at Berklee College of Music! She is a graduate of our November/December Job-Search Workshop.

January Workshop

We’d like to recognize our newest group of workshop graduates! They completed their final round of practice interviews today to officially graduate our Job-Search Course and are now well on their way to finding a great full-time job.

December 2015

Job Placements

Today we’re shining the spotlight on another great group of Career Collaborative Ambassadors!
(From left to right) Meet Esteban, Daniel (Guesh) and Zenebe. Along with succeeding at full-time jobs with Acme Cleaning at Harvard University and Boston Medical Center, these Workshop Graduates work hard to spread the word about how our program can help others get and keep great jobs just like theirs!
If you think you have what it takes to be a Career Collaborative Ambassador, please email

Congratulations to Victor, our “Kept Job” Lottery Winner for the month of November! Victor works hard as a full-time Pricing Team Manager at Target, where he started working in July.

WAY TO GO, Waga! (pictured at left with her career coach, Carol)
Waga came in to ring the bell last week in honor of graduating from our two-year retention program. After completing the Job-Search Workshop in October 2013, she got a great full-time job with Boston Medical Center, where she is still working today.

Big thanks to Chanelle, Asmayt and Isa, three of our new Career Collaborative Ambassadors! All three Workshop Graduates are working hard at great full-time jobs with Canon, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center and Metropolitan Boston Housing Partnership, and we thank them for spreading the word on how Career Collaborative helped them and can help others, too.
If you think you have what it takes to be a Career Collaborative Ambassador, please contact Mary at!

“Everyone here pushes you to succeed…if I didn’t come in every day, I wouldn’t have gotten this job.”

Congratulations to J’neen, who came in to ring the bell and celebrate her new job as a receptionist and administrative assistant with Iora Health! She completed our October Job-Search Workshop and worked hard at applying and interviewing.

After graduating our two-year job retention program in December 2014, Rosemary continued to work while going to back to school for Computer Information Systems at Boston University.
She received her degree in September and is now starting a new position as a Senior Business Intelligence Analyst with National General Insurance Inc. Wishing you the best, Rosemary! We are so proud of you and happy that you stopped by to share the good news.

Guesh was able to secure a full-time job with benefits at Boston Medical Center after completing our Job-Search Workshop — you could, too!

November 2015

Job Placements

“I moved here three months ago and my brother told me about the program because he actually came through the program. I said to myself, ‘I don’t need that! I have my resume.’ But when I got here I learned a whole lot, things that I didn’t know and I thought that I knew.”
Julie stopped by with her brother Archie to ring the bell and celebrate her new position as a Clinical Assistant with Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. Archie worked with us a few months earlier and got a full-time cleaning position at Boston Medical Center. At Career Collaborative, success is a family affair!

Kelee G. had just finished the October Job Search Course when she was offered to join Neighborhood Health Plan as a full-time Customer Service Professional. The position is already proving to be a perfect fit for her skills, schedule and career goals! Congratulations, Kelee!

Kayshanda had been looking for a position as a Medical Assistant since July and began working with us in September. After 4 months of job-searching, Kayshanda was offered a permanent, full-time position as a Medical Assistant in the Department of Neurology at Brigham and Women’s Faulkner Hospital starting on November 30th, 2015. Congratulations!


Career Collaborative’s Money Matters Workshop, where the participants pictured below learned about all monitoring and building their credit scores! If you missed out on this workshop series, worry not; we feature information about all of our additional events right on this page, so stay tuned.

Two Year Graduates!

Career Collaborative’s two year graduates for November: Edward Ellis and Renee Keyes! Congratulations on all of your hard work!