With their support, I was able to find and keep a job and grow in my career.

- Career Collaborative alumna

What Does Your Contribution Accomplish?

$7,800 Enable one adult to get and keep a good job. You will fund all job-search services plus two years of post-employment mentoring.

Career Collaborative allows me not to give up. With their support, I was able to find and keep a job, and most importantly, grow in my career.”

$2,500 Help ten people select appropriate target jobs and prepare effective résumés.

Wow! Look at what this woman has done!” (A client reacting to her revised résumé.)

$1,000 Sponsor one client in our Job-Search/Job-Readiness Course.

Our 60-hour course includes goal-setting, networking, understanding the employer’s point-of-view, 20 individual practice interviews, and one-on-one meetings with staff to create an effective résumé.

“With the help of Career Collaborative, miracles do come true.”

$500 Fund 20 Practice Interviews.

Volunteers (managers, executives, and HR professionals) and staff conduct practice interviews each Friday.

“We practiced the questions the interviewer actually asked!”

$250 Funds one client for 3 months coaching.

Our staff maintains consistent contact through regular phone calls and emails, newsletters, events, individual and weekly group meetings, and referrals to essential supportive services.

“A year-and-a-half ago I was on welfare. Now my life is headed in a great direction!”