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September 2014


When Daniel came in to ring the bell, he said, “I honestly thought I would never be standing here.” Daniel explained that he has been working in temp positions at different hospitals, and hoped one of them would go permanent, but they didn’t. He learned a lot and picked up valuable experience, but he didn’t get any benefits. Daniel said there were times when he wanted to give up and stop looking, but the staff at Career Collaborative wouldn’t let him. Everyone told him it was just a matter of time. Daniel was very happy to announce he got permanent job with benefits as a Check-Out Receptionist for the Granite Medical Group.

Elsa (pictured, right) got a full-time position working as a Housekeeping House Attendant at the Four Seasons Hotel. She encourages other job-seekers not to give up either. “Don’t be anxious. Don’t give up. When the time is right, there will be a job for you too.”

When Michaelle came to Career Collaborative, she had never worked in the U.S. before so writing a resume, putting together a cover letter, and finding references were all new skills she had to learn. She got her first job in America as a part-time housekeeper, and continued looking for full-time employment. Michaelle’s effort paid off: She got full-time job a Central Sterilization Assistant at Tufts University!

Veronica wanted an office job in a law office, and she got one! Now Veronica is a secretary at the Committee for Public Counsel Services.