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May/June 2014


Career Collaborative’s Susan Schiro and Haegan Forrest pose with Eastern Bank CEO Richard Holbrook (far left) Doug Flutie (far right). Eastern Bank honored Career Collaborative and other nonprofits at its annual Community Quarterback event. The bank commended its grantees for their good work in the community.

Career Coach LaToya Allen and Asian American Civic Association’s Liz Krumenacker presented at the Commonwealth Workforce Coalition’s Conference for Workforce Development Professionals in May. LaToya and Liz led an interactive workshop focused on employment retention for diverse populations.

May and June Placements

Bo (pictured at right) landed a job as a Clinical Assistant at Lynn Community Health Center. Bo applied to at least three jobs every week, networked with everyone he knew, and even did an extra round of practice interviews after he finished the workshop!

Victor was so happy about his new job as a records associate that he even bought a bell to ring in the office. He said Career Collaborative has helped him “not only find a full time job, but feel more confident in life in general.”

Shela (pictured at right) wanted a job in hospitality and had to convince employers that she had transferable skills from working in healthcare—and it worked! Shela got a job working at the front desk at the Fairmont Hotel! She says the benefits are good, but she’s even more excited that she “has a place to call home that is near the water” – a setting that always puts her at peace.

Mona wanted to work at a nonprofit and got a job as a teaching assistant

Meseret she got a job as Ambassador for VPNE Parking Solutions. The job is near her house, gives her the schedule that she wants, pays a good salary, and offers her opportunities for growth.

One of the things that we stress in the workshop is to always stay professional! You never know who you are going to run into. When Sara (pictured at right) went to the interview for a Sterilization Assistant position, an employee at the school recognized her from her part-time job at CVS. The woman knew her right away and remembered how professional and helpful she had been every time she went into the store. Between giving strong answers to interview questions and this employee’s glowing comments, she was offered an even better position as a Dispensary Assistant!

Lynette (pictured at right) is proof that working hard in your job-search pays off. Lynette got a job as an Accounts Payable Specialist position at Bay Cove Human Services. When Lynnette was Job Seeker of the Month, she encouraged everyone to stayed focused and not give up.