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Spring 2014

New Placement Updates

Kaoutar (pictured at right) accepted a full-time Teller position at Century Bank. She said she had three interviews at the bank before she got an offer and felt well-prepared for them all.

Yvrose accepted a position as a Certified Nursing Assistant II at Boston Medical Center. When she rang the bell, she encouraged everyone who is still looking for work to “hang in there and participate!” She said that the program helped her a lot and that she wishes everyone good luck.

Golden started work as a Direct Care Counselor at Advocates Inc. He said that he learned so much from practice interviews that he is sure he never would have gotten hired if he hadn’t done the program. He mentioned that you usually have to pay a lot of money for help finding a job and that it’s amazing that Career Collaborative gives it all away for free.

Salem Hospital hired Khary as a Dietary Aide. She said that she is especially excited about this opportunity because she has always wanted to work for a hospital like Salem that is affiliated with Partners Healthcare.

Zenebe got his target job working in Environmental Services at Boston Medical Center. He told job-seekers in the workshop “Don’t give up on your dream job. I didn’t give up on mine and I got it. You’ll get your dream job too.”

Sarah accepted a position as a Member Service Representative at the Tremont Credit Union. She is very excited about her new job and that she doesn’t think she would have been able to get it if she hadn’t done this program. She encourages job-seekers to “think positive.”

Alexandria started as a Dietary Aide at Kindred Harborlights Nursing Home. When she went for the interview she was offered the job on the spot!

Soon after Mourine finished the Workshop in 2013, she was deployed to Afghanistan where she served with the National Guard. When her tour ended, she returned to Career Collaborative and began submitting applications almost at once. On Monday she will begin a new position as a Project Officer at a non-profit global health organization where she will be providing administrative and program support for projects that involve developing countries.