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Winter 2013

New Placement Updates

Abdoul (pictures at right) came in over the holidays to ring the bell and tell everyone that he got a full-time position working at Northeast Security. He said he is thankful to all of the staff at Career Collaborative

When Koyahn came in to ring the bell, she told everyone that she had been out of work for seven years. Seven years! She said that when she started at Career Collaborative, she didn’t know how to fill out applications or do job interviews. But she came every day – had perfect attendance in the workshop – and she learned. Koyahn found her target job with benefits working as a Security Officer for G4S Wackenhutt.

When Sara first came to Career Collaborative she had recently moved to the U.S. from Haiti and had never worked a full-time job. She enrolled in a job-training program at the Red Cross and became a Certified Nursing Assistant. When she finished her training, she got hired after her very first interview! Sara accepted a full-time C.N.A. position at New England Baptist Hospital. She is very excited to begin using her new skills.

Yuberqui (pictured at right) got a job at Tufts University as a new Patient Accounts Coordinator.

Elizabeth got a job as a Customer Service Representative at Planet Self Storage. Her advice for people in the program who are still looking for work is to “continue practicing their answers for interview questions.”

Daikersu got a job as an Environmental Services Worker at Boston Medical Center. He said that Career Collaborative is a good place to go because you get all the help that you need. He got so much help here, in fact, that he ended up with two job offers and had to choose between them.

Lissett (pictured at right) started a new position as a Family Support Worker at the Riverside Early Head Start in Somerville. She had four interviews before she was offered the full-time position. Lissett said that the position is exactly what she was looking for and she is very happy to have this new job.

Emelyn accepted a position as a Family Service Worker at Tri-City Community Action Program. Before coming to Career Collaborative, Emelyn spent two or three months trying to get a job on her own. She wasn’t getting any interviews so she thought she must be doing something wrong. After she started working with Career Collaborative, she began getting interviews right away.

Fall 2013

New Placement Updates

Ahmed (pictured at right with Asmyat) got a job at Faulkner Hospital. He said that this is the first full-time position with benefits that he has ever had and he thanked the staff for their help.

Asmayt (on the left in the picture with Ahmed) got a position as a Lab Assistant at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center!

Ashia accepted a full-time position as a Certified Nursing Assistant at a medical facility where she will be working with oncology patients.

Dreidy was excited to ring the bell and share her big news! She has accepted a position as a Central Sterilization Assistant at the Tufts University School of Dental Medicine. Congratulations, Dreidy! All of your hard work has really paid off.

Shiriece (pictured with her daughter Serenity) to ring the bell and tell everyone that she accepted a position as the new Operations Associate at On the Rise, a nonprofit that helps homeless women.

Silvia started working as an Associate Teacher at a beautiful new Bright Horizons facility near M.I.T. Silvia said she never would have been able to get through the interview process without everything she learned in class.

Johanne (pictured at right) started a job as a bus driver for the MBTA. Her hard work, studying, and attention to detail paid off big time when she passed the test to get her CDL (Commercial Driver’s License).

Waga found a job a month after the job-search course! She has accepted a full-time position as a general cleaner at Boston Medical Center and will begin working there soon.

Koyahn found her target job with benefits working as a Security Officer for G4S Wackenhutt.