News & Events Archives for September, 2013

July 2013 Highlights

New Placement Updates

Keyana R. (pictured at right with Career Collaborative’s Employer Partnership Manager, Jean Auguste) has successfully transitioned back into her dream job as Certified Nursing Assistant at Marion Manor. Keyana enjoys working with her patients, new team and has immediately shown that she’s an asset to the organization.

Marie L. began working with Arbor Associates as a Teacher Assistant. She has already gained a strong reputation with her supervisor and has been assigned an important position at a new school.

Jereisha T. (pictured at right) started out in a per diem position at Boston Medical Center in the Environmental Service Department. She quickly exhibited a strong work ethic and diligence. As a result, she was offered a full-time permanent position within her first month of employment. Her goal now is to continue working while pursuing a degree in nursing.

Patty G. just started her first job at PSA Healthcare as a Home Health Aide. She is learning about navigating the workforce, being assertive, and the importance of being persistent.

Angelita F. (pictured at right with Career Collaborative’s Employer Partnership Manager Jean Auguste) has accepted a Security Officer position at Brighton Marine Health Center where she will learn the necessary skills to help advance her career goals in the Criminal Justice field. Angelita continues to make a good impression on management and her teammates. She’s been asked to participate on the company softball team. Yay!!!

Retention Graduates

Kieanna B., Receptionist @ Neuro-Rehab Management, Inc.

Veronica B., Home Health Aide @ Upham’s Corner Health Center

Danielia A., Assistant Site Manager @ Bay Cove Human Services, Inc.