News & Events Archives for January, 2013

December 2012 Highlights!

Cathy A. has started working at Community Builders as an Administrative Assistant on December 10th. She is proud of all of her accomplishments and is excited about this new role. Pictured here is Iris, Wanda (below), LaToya (Career Collaborative’s Senior Career Coach), and Cathy are all new full-time employees for Community Builders!

Wanda V. has started working at Community Builders as an Administrative Assistant on December 3rd. She is welcoming all of the challenges that this new role presents and is eager to grow.

Maria G. has started at Carney Hospital as a Medical Assistant. After a couple months of very hard work and searching, Maria was offered two positions and was able to choose one that had the most growth potential. Way to go!

Annette C. has begun working at Professional Profiles, Inc. as a Home Health Aide. Annette is very happy with her new position and feels right at home while caring for her patients.

Ronald P. began working at Securitas as a Security Officer on December 18th. He worked very hard and was able to network himself into this position.

Withdiane T began working at Chestnut Park Senior Living as a Certified Nursing Assistant. She had just finished her C.N.A. training last month, so this opportunity is very exciting!

November 2012 Highlights!

Michael H. got a new job as a maintenance worker at LAZ Parking. It is a full-time position and it provides him with great experience and good opportunities for growth. Congratulations!

Michel M. finished the workshop in November, and began working at Palladian Security as a Front Desk Attendant very quickly. He continually impresses his supervisors and is picking up extra hours. Congratulations Michel!

Krystal C. began working at A.C. as a Front End Specialist. She is enjoying her new position and looks forward to learning a lot of new skills. She also plans on going back to school starting in January.

Marsha S. finished the workshop in September and began working at two positions this month; as a Customer Service Representative and Bell International as a Teacher Assistant. Having lots of previous experience in both retail and customer service, Marsha is transitioning into these new roles very smoothly, and is learning how to balance both while still managing her personal life.

Iris R. was offered a full-time position at The Community Builders as a Receptionist. She is extremely excited about this position and looks forward to learning new skills and starting a career.

Takeya S. also finished the workshop in September, and began working at Tillinger’s as a Concierge this month. She went through a couple different screening processes and interviews, and at the end of it all, she was able to negotiate for a higher salary than what was originally offered! Way to go Takeya!

Renee K. started working as a Teen-Parent Home Worker at Catholic Charities. Although this is outside her original target job, Renee is incredibly inspired by working one-on-one with teen parents, and enjoys seeing the resiliency and strength of her clients.

October 2012 Highlights!

Gregoria R. came from the Dominican Republic as an elementary school teacher. She has been busy working very hard in order to continue her career in the United States. This month, Gregoria came in showing off her newly awarded Early Childhood Certification (E.E.C.), and her new employee badge from Dimmock Community Health center. Gregoria now works as a full-time Assistant Teacher. Gregoria reminds us that “sometimes it is hard and you feel frustrated… But follow your passion and continue going forward each day. You can do it”.

Jaleh A. is now working at Watertown Family Day Care as a Substitute teacher, where she assists the lead teacher in the classroom. She is still currently working towards obtaining her Early Education Certificate, and also enrolled and ESOL classes. Coming from Iran, Jaleh is very excited to begin her career in the United States.

Erick C. originally started working with Career Collaborative in 2010. More recently, Erick has started working as a Cargo Agent for World Flight Service at American Airlines. Congratulations on all of your hard-work Erick!

Mirdred C. completed the workshop in September and had started working at Rogerson Communities as a per-diem Program Assistant. After completing training and working for a couple weeks, Mirdred was referred to a full-time opening for the same position. Mirdred has proven herself to be very dedicated and hard-working, and we are excited to hear of her newest accomplishment.

Maernet K. has a new job as a Houskeeper at Mandarin Oriental Hotel. Maernet originally applied for this position in the Career Collaborative resource room back in May, and is reminded of just how much patience someone needs while job searching. Maernet says that it is very hard work but enjoys working the Mandarin because it is a very nice hotel.

Rhonda L. started at Baker’s Best Catering as a Production and Catering assistant. Rhonda says she is learning a lot and is being cross trained in lots of different areas. She is excited to learn more about the field and enjoys all the different sides of the business. “I was one of the people who never thought it would happen,” said Rhonda. “But stay positive. Encourage each other. Come to Job Club. It will happen for you too.”

Marie J. was recently become a full-time CNA at Rogerson House. Congratulations on all your hard work Marie, you have a lot to be proud of!