News & Events Archives for July, 2012

June 2012 Highlights

New Jobs and Client Updates!

William N. is a skilled Patient Care Technician. He began working with Career Collaborative in March. William submitted many applications and it took time to land his first interview. After many interviews it took even more time to get a call back. Finally, William received offers from two commendable hospitals. As of June 25th, William is a Patient Care Technician at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center.



Asjadoll H. is now a Dental Assistant at the Whittier Street Health Center as of June 25th. When Asjadoll began our program she identified interviewing as her weakness. She was receptive of feedback we shared with her and was able to make adjustments. Shortly after starting the workshop, she was called in by Whittier Street Health Center and utilized the feedback the volunteers gave her in practice interviews.



Michael D. began our workshop in April. He has a strong background in Customer Service. His goal coming here was to land a full-time position as opposed to having multiple part-time jobs. He was successful in obtaining a position at Fairmount Copley Plaza Hotel as a Guest Services Agent on June 18th. He is thrilled to have his new position in the field he enjoys.



Maria B. began working full-time as an Environmental Services Aide at Mass General Hospital. She started the position as a part-time employee on April 17th. Due to her hard work and diligence, Maria was offered full-time employment on June 8th.



Tony A. is an experienced cook who wanted the opportunity to work for a company that offered benefits. In the past Tony’s restaurant jobs never offered benefits. In an effort to provide security for his family, he set out on a search for a company with more stability. Shortly after completing our job-readiness workshop Tony was offered a position at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center as a Cook. He started on June 4th.


Congratulations to all!


May 2012 Highlights

New Jobs and Client Updates!

Danelsi M. is a hardworking administrative professional who sought our assistance in jump starting her career. Although she was seeking an administrative position Danelsi took advantage of an opportunity to interview for a Family Partner position with Home for Little Wanderers. Danelsi has a background in early education and experience working with families. Subsequently, the Family Partner position turned out to be a perfect match for her. She started the position on May 29th and enjoys working for the organization.

Jackeline C. came into Career Collaborative with a passion for working as a receptionist. Her previous experience was in retail, but she was ready to redirect her career. After working through different obstacles and schedule adjustments, Jackeline accepted a position as a Patient Service Representative at Aspen Dental. She began working on May 29th.

Marie J. was recently certified as a Nurse Assistant in early April. A month after receiving her certification she began working as a C.N.A. at the Rogerson House on May 17th.

Cynthia C. is an employee of Brigham and Women’s Hospital, her dream employer, as of May 15th. Cynthia’s target industry was medical and she now works as an Orthopedic Technician Aide—she is learning how to put on casts! Cynthia loves her job and is grateful for the opportunity.

Durell W. is now working for Boston Architectural College (BAC) as of May 14th. He came to us with a background in IT and customer service and really wanted to target IT. Durell was successful in landing an IT position at BAC and loves his work. He knows there is a lot to learn and he takes advantage of opportunities to expand his knowledge.

Abdellah E. began working with Career Collaborative in 2009. His target job was C.N.A. and he was a R.N. in Morroco. Many times Abdellah interviewed with employers without success. For a while, Abdellah juggled work, home life, and job search and persevered with Lauren’s help. Finally, he was given a chance when Faulkner Hospital offered Abdellah a full-time Patient Care Assistant position on May 7th. Now he can focus solely on advancing his career.


Congratulations to all!